Rattlesnake Vaccine for Dogs

Red Rock Biologics Rattlesnake Vaccine administered by Idaho Veterinary Hospital

Our Rattlesnake avoidance training is very effective at teaching dogs to avoid investigating snakes.  Even after avoidance training there remains a small risk that a dog may unknowingly stumble upon a docile or quiet snake, especially during cooler weather. In addition, eldery dogs often have a diminished sense of sight, scent or sound.  Rattlesnake vaccine provides dogs with protective antibodies that may lessen the severity of a bite.

Dogs with protective antibodies are reported to experience less pain and have a reduced risk of permanent injury from a rattlesnake bite. Veterinarians typically report that vaccinated dogs bitten by rattlesnakes experience less swelling, less tissue damage and a faster recovery from snakebite than unvaccinated dogs.

Rattlesnake bite is a veterinary emergency that results in serious injury or even death to thousands of dogs and horses each year. Rattlesnake venom is a complex mixture of toxins that spreads through an animal’s body following the bite. Red Rock has developed vaccines to defend both dogs and horses from the dangerous effects of rattlesnake venom. That’s rattlesnake protection that will put you and your animals at ease.  For more information on Rattlesnake vaccine please visit www.redrockbiologics.com